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The function of the Council is to organize and supervise the day-to-day activities of SMA and to make decisions on matters affecting its running within the general policy laid down by the general meeting.

The SMA Council consisting of the following, are elected biennially at annual general meeting:-

A President
A Vice-President (Internal Affairs)
A Vice-President (External Affairs)
A Secretary-General
A Deputy Secretary-General
A Treasurer
An Assistant Treasurer
13 Council Members (including 3 Council Members appointed by the Council)

Seated from left to right:
Tie Tung Wei (Treasurer), Mariana Ung Siew Chin (Vice-President), Lai King Min (Honorary President), Dato' Hii Ngo Sing (Honorary President), Joseph Lau Ka Hoo (President), Li Wing Fong (Honorary President), Sim Cho Phong (Vice-President) , Stephen Hii Hium Ung (Secretary-General).  

Back row from left to right:
Rita Ting Leng Ping, Stanley Lau Ka Ping, Chai Tze Khang, Victor Hii Lu Thian, Lau Tiong Ing, Peter Chai Mui Seng, Stephen Ung Yuk Woo (Assistant Treasurer), Stephen Ang Teck Chai (Deputy Secretary-General), Louis Hii Lu Yik, Chai Tze Bui, Thomas Wong Ing Siu, Chong Swee Sin.

Ng Mong Kia, Desmond Cheng Hwa Tang, Madam Rebecca Sim Kin Hui.


Designation Name Company Tel, Fax & E-mail
President Mr. Joseph Lau Ka Hoo Trans Paint Coatings Sdn Bhd Tel: 334222
Fax: 339189
Vice President
Mdm. Mariana Ung Siew Chin Syarikat Kion Hoong Cooking Oil Mills Sdn Bhd Tel: 082-330732, 082-332585
Fax: 082-330569
Mr. Sim Cho Phong Pico Food Industry Sdn Bhd Tel: 456600
Fax: 459900
Secretary-General Mr. Stephen Hii Hium Ung Kayusar Sdn Bhd Tel: 332123
Fax: 336963
Deputy Secretary-General Mr. Stephen Ang Teck Chai Kim Hin Industry Berhad Tel: 421567
Fax: 452135
Treasurer Mr. Tie Tung Wei Kohup Industries Sdn Bhd Tel: 439008
Fax: 439700
Assistant Treasurer Mr. Stephen Ung Yuk Woo Sin Cheong Plastic & Metal Wares Mfg Co Sdn Bhd Tel: 335063
Fax: 336713
Council Member Mr. Lau Tiong Ing Skill Offset Printers Sdn Bhd Tel: 432382
Fax: 439382
Tel: 082-432382 Fax: 082-439382
Council Member Madam Rita Ting Leng Ping Sundrop Fruit Juices Berhad Tel: 612359
Fax: 613392
Tel: 082-612359 Fax: 082-613392
Council Member Mr. Stanley Lau Ka Ping Li Nguon Bricks Factory Sdn Bhd Tel: 699104
Fax: 699104
Council Member Victor Hii Lu Thian ASTEEL Sdn Bhd Tel: 433888
Fax: 433889
Council Member Mr. Ng Mong Kia Chenson Health Products Sdn Bhd Tel: 343252
Fax: 337281
Council Member Mr. Thomas Wong Ing Siu Poh Yong Tiles Industries Sdn Bhd Tel: 488800
Fax: 336000
Council Member Tuan Haji Zaidi Ahmad SCIB Concrete Manufacturing Sdn Bhd Tel: 334485
Fax: 334484
Council Member Mr. Chai Tze Bui Mui Hiong Foodstuff Sdn Bhd Tel: 336884
Fax: 336507
Council Member Mr. Peter Chai Mui Seng Hornbill Paints Sdn Bhd Tel: 432923
Fax : 432908
Council Member Mr. Louis Hii Lu Yik Yung Kong Metal Works Co Bhd Tel: 480182
Fax: 337177
Council Member Mr. Chong Swee Sin CMS Resources Sdn Bhd Tel: 611987
Fax: 611986
Council Member Mr. Chong Swee Sin Summer Pacific Sdn Bhd Tel: 082-345033
Fax: 082-345678
Council Member Madam Rebecca Sim Kin Hui Polyflow Pipes Sdn Bhd Tel: 082-432217
Fax: 082-432219

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