Sarawak Manufacturers' Association


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To promote, preserve and protect the interests of manufacturers in Sarawak.
To encourage co-operation among manufacturers, between manufacturers and the government, and between manufacturers and other business sectors.
To co-operate with and present to the authorities the views of its members on legislation, existing or proposed, that may affect the interest and standing of manufacturers in Sarawak.
To promote the marketing of Sarawak-made products and services at home and abroad.
To provide a focal point for manufacturers to meet, discuss and solve common problems.
To promote productivity and technological upgrading of the manufacturing industry.
To purchase and exchange books, newspapers, periodicals and other publications for reference purposes.
To print, issue and disseminate information that will be useful and educational to manufacturers with prior approval of the relevant authorities.
To work and co-operate whenever desirable to affiliate with other organisations both nationally and internationally devoted to the same or similar objective as the SMA.
To organise and participate in congresses, conferences, seminars and other meetings at local, national, regional and international levels.
To formulate a scheme of awards for members for which separated by law shall be drawn up for the management of such scheme.
Generally to purchase, take on lease, exchange, hire or acquire any real immovable and movable property which will benefits SMA for the achievement of its objectives.

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